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Stainless steel sheets

Stainless steel (INOX) sheets

We deliver stainless steel sheets from stock and upon request, plate shaped. The stock includes stainless sheets grade AISI304L (JUS C.4580), available thickness 0.50-3.00mm.

Available formats are 1000x2000mm, 1250x2500mm and 1500x3000mm. Available surfaces are explained bellow. Additionally this product can be delivered with foil, at one or both sides of sheet. Depending on structure and foil thickness, foils purpose is to make cutting of material easier, and to provide protection against material surface damage during assembly and deep drawing.

Surface finish of sheet is as follows, according standard DIN EN 10 088-2:

  • 1C - hot rolled, heat treated, not descaled;
  • 1D - hot rolled, heat treated, pickled, surface free of scale;
  • 2C - cold-rolled, heat treated, not descaled, surface smooth, with scale from heattreatment;
  • 2B - cold-rolled, heat treated, pickled, cold rerolled, surface smoother than 2C;
  • 2R – cold-rolled, bright annealed, smooth, bright, reflecting surface.

Metall Punkt Ltd. offers possibility off delivery stainless sheets in grades: AISI316L, AISI316Ti, WN1.4034, WN1.4016, WN1.4845 i WN1.4841

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